Felt Force One

For fast and efficient scoring, guide-tracking work and full-on score building. Felt Force One consists of 16 scored and performed percussion only construction kits divided in 4, 8 or 16 bar phrases for quick scoring and easy scene transitions, all recorded in 24 bit/44.1 Khz.15+ Massive Slams and Hits, 2 snare ensemble phrases, metal and iron hits,  Gran Cassa, BigDrumFX patch and a shouting and screaming ‘men’ patch.With this tool we’ve tried to create a very realistic, yet composer-friendly, sample library. We’re providing the user with a choice of 4 different mic positions: close, mid-stage, far-stage and balcony recordings.This library provides basic percussion construction kits for building the base of your orchestral symphonic music. Especially those epic and action-loaded trailer tracks sometimes need more kick and a great way to achieve this is by using these authentic performed samples. For this we’ve created a new and very easy to use construction kit. Providing twelve friendly looped based live recording sessions of a powerful six men percussion ensemble. Felt Force One arrangements contain Gran Cassa, Bass drums, Floor Toms, Low, medium and high symphonic toms, Field drums ensembles, snaredrums, Rototoms,
Bamboo percussion, Piatta, Tamtam, Cymbals, Anvyls, Iron&Metal Hits/SFX, and Shouts and Screams.

Samplesourcer is continuing this library from Sonokinetic. This library is identical in content and formats as it has been when it was sold by Sonokinetic.

There is no new content in this product compared to the ‘old’ version.

What’s in this volume:

  • 16 Construction Kits loop based live recorded orchestral percussion sets (containing 9 or 12 loops from 8 bars) All loop collections named , and tempo tagged. Folder arranged into “Loops” and “Singles”
  • 3 One-Shot/Singles kits (Iron&Metal, Big Drums, Shouts and Endings & Iron Rhythm)
  • Format: Kontakt 2 or higher, Apple-loops and Waves, Rex2, ACID
  • Recorded in 44.1 kHz 24 bit using Neumann stereo stage microphones
  • Impulse response “Felt Force One Scoring stage” (Space designer preset)
  • All demos and high resolution artwork included

extracted folder size: 1,9 GB


Key and BPM

Felt Force One provides tracks in the most generic and commonly used BPM. This way samples are easy to combine with each other, and easy to implement in your cinematic orchestral tracks. Since film and game producers often write in these tempi we thought we should stick to them to make the Felt Force One Library a breeze to integrate in these commonly used Rhythmic spectrums.

Since most of these tracks are going to be basic building blocks for fast and heavy action film or energetic game sequences all of the loops are recorded between 100 and 170 BPM, giving the user a broad range of speeds to choose from. All provided formats selected by Sample Sourcer for this Felt Force One library support time stretching without losing too much quality. Fine tuning and choosing the right tempo from scratch will result in a very realistic and easy adjustable sequence. It’s up to the composer/producer to find out how far to stretch the envelope. Sample Sourcer guarantees the best quality when stretching 10 to 30 BPM up or down. For more support please check our website and tutorials.

Construction kit principle

Felt Force One recording sessions are split up into very easy to use ‘building blocks’. Sample Sourcer sliced the rhythmic phrases in blocks of 4, 8 and 16 bars. Occasionally half bars and breaks are provided in each section. Endings and break-endings are located at the top of each sample set section towards the end of the selected keyboard octave.

Every sample set has a similar buildup. Starting at C-1 or C0 up to C3.

Previews & Mapping

Audio examples:Composed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

The powerful orchestral percussive scoring library

Samplesourcer dedicates its formats to a select few formats. We take high standards in selecting what sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability , flexibility , stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and ways to invest in more users friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performing.
  • MAC & PC
  • All files in 44.1kHz and 24Bit stereo wave format
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY!

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